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55 SeoKyu Couple's Facts + Pict

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Firstly, i'm totally sorry if my english are so bad. I'm still a student and i'm just trying my best.

Now, I want to share about Seohyun(SNSD) & Kyuhyun(Super Junior) or SEOKYU couple. It is about the fact of this lovely couple. So, for all Wires in this world, you better read this! ^-^

55 Facts about our maknae(youngest member) couple, SeoKyu <3 : 

1.   Both of them are maknae in their own group(Girls' Generation & Super Junior)
2.   The same 'Hyun' in their name. Seo Joo Hyun & Cho Kyu Hyun.
3.   Kyuhyun's mandarin names is Gui Xian, then Seohyun's mandarin names is Xu Xian.
4.   The meaning of Kyuhyun's names is Worthly Jade, then the meaning of Seohyun's names is Worthly Pearl. 
5.   If Kyuhyun's nickname is Devil Magnae, so Seohyun's nickname is Angel Magnae.
6.   SeoKyu are usually had nickname as Magnae couple, The Best SM’s Official.. Unofficial Couple.
7.   SeoKyu's fans are called WIRE from WItty = Kyuhyun and puRE = Seohyun.
8.   Their skins are both the most white skin in their group. 
9.   Both are the second tallest member of their group. Kyuhyun after Siwon and Seohyun after Sooyoung.

10. Both of them are the type of taciturn and not to be a hiperactive person in front of camera/some formal events.
11. Both are one of smart students in their school.


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